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Will the cow save the planet or destroy it?
Here in the state of Missouri with almost as many cattle as people, we don’t necessarily see the cow as a creature that will save or destroy the planet. Most of us just accept her because she’s always been around.  
Underground livestock
by Dean Houghton
Leonardo da Vinci lamented back in the 1500s that man fails to appreciate the intricate life of the soil. “We know more about the movement of celestial bodies than about the soil underfoot,” he wrote.
Building better soils
by Larry Reichenberger
Agriculture has focused on saving soil for nearly 80 years. Now that effort is joined by a new mantra: Improving soil health.
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Attracting Dung Beetles
Feeding the Microbes
Almost 10 years ago I sold a bull to a man from Chamois. I’ll never forget that sale because of the age and attitude of the buyer.
The man was Herb Wolz, who at the time was in his 80s, and he ......

The New World of Agriculture
by Ralph Voss
QuietWean - Two Stage Weaning