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In this photo taken Oct. 1, we have two of our most promising young females. On the left is 128, an 18-month-old daughter of Cow 368, one of our most fertile and most productive cows. 368 is 11 years old and is a daughter of Cow 455, a huge first-generation cow we got from Bent Tree in about 2005. 455 weighed at least 1400 pounds, but did not pass that size on to her daughter, who weighed 1070 on Sept. 27. What makes 128 particularly interesting is that she’s a daughter of Broadway, and is one of three Broadway daughters resulting from using him AI in 2017 on a select group of cows. We think 128 will end up around the 1000-pound mark when she quits growing. On the right is another female we really like, Cow 568. Although she’s 42 months old, she only weighs 800. She’s a 2016 daughter of Bull 3413, and although she’s relatively small, in 2018 her first calf (Bull 208), was the second-heaviest bull raised by our first-calf heifers. When 568 was preg tested Sept. 27, she’s an estimated 91 days bred, which means she settled in the first 21 days after the bulls were turned out. 128 is bred 100 days and also settled in the first 21 days. Another bit of news we like is that 386 is 100 days bred and is apparently bred AI to Bull 341, the Broadway son out of Cow 425.